BeeBee can make your child's party a fairy wonderland.

BeeBee will create the magic you need to bring fairies into your life.
BeeBee has fairy friends directly from the fairy land.
BeeBee plays fairy music so you can dance the fairy dances.
She leads treasure hunts to find fairy treasure

Be sure to order your child's enchanted fairy house in time for the party.
Fairy houses are a lovely original idea crafted with love by BeeBee

BeeBee will create a real fairy environment - a little world for your child where the fairies in your home will want to take care of you.


Always remember Fairies love to ride on bumblebees. Fairies spread magic dust around you. Fairies give you wishing stones.
The Fairy Kingdom has magnificent magical dragons and unicorns and other wonderful creatures.
If you make your surroundings fairy-like, then the fairies will take care of you.
Bizzy BeeBee says,  "When I brought fairies into my life, magical things happened to me. My life has changed!"
The magnificent fair creatures are there for you too.

Secretly, Bizzy BeeBee is a true fairy and welcome in the fairy kingdom