Theme Parties for Boys:  Pirates, Batman and Spiderman
   Themes Parties for Girls:  Princesses and Fairies
Bizzy BeeBee creates an atmosphere of movement and color to entertain young children.
Each child gets individual attention.  BeeBee interacts with the group to include every child
Each child has fantasy face painting - The child chooses the fantasy.
Each child receives a personal balloon sculpture and maybe even a treasures galore.

Quinceañeras, Birthdays, and Sweet Sixteen Parties
Bizzy BeeBee does complete makeovers for glamour
   BeeBee can create dark and mysterious gothic parties
BeeBee creates fantastic fun pool parties using glitter tattoos that stay on in the water.

Baby Showers
BeeBee uses her artistic talents to pamper expectant mother & baby
Candles are lit and songs sung to welcome the baby while BeeBee honors the coming baby with a painting on the mother's tummy

Banquets - Weddings - Anniversaries
Candy Gourmet
BeeBee decorates huge halls with color and movement - and excitement.
Balloon arches - Balloon center pieces

Each party has its own special theme.  If you can think of a theme, BeeBee most likely can create it.
Her decor is a masterpiece

Bizzy BeeBee creates incredible parties